[wp-hackers] Re: Getting comment feed for articles of specific author

Alan Castonguay alan at verselogic.net
Sat Feb 14 16:39:42 GMT 2009

Rehash; the comments feeds provide most of the functionality that  
Xavier was asking for, minus a filter to just a single author.

We get a comment rss/atom feed with three types
  - Comments on a particular post (is_singluar)
  - Comments on search results (is_search, only true if the 's' query  
var is !empty() )
  - Comments on the blog as a whole, but the normal query parameters  
are still in effect.

Mix and match a few query parameters in

  - Request: http://blog.verselogic.net/?feed=comments-atom&author=1
  - Result: 301 redirect by canonical.php to http://blog.verselogic.net/archives/author/alanjcastonguay/comments/feed/atom/
     - Suggests such functionality was intended to exist? This looks a  
lot like the url that Xavier proposed.

  - Request: http://blog.verselogic.net/archives/author/alanjcastonguay/comments/feed/atom/
  - Results: 301 redirect to first post by that author.
     - Incomplete implementation? If this is supposed to work, we  
should look at fixing it.

Try disabling the canonicalization feature with preview=1, to avoid  
the above redirect.

  - Request: http://blog.verselogic.net/?feed=comments-atom&author=1&preview=1
  - Result: An Atom feed of comments on posts owned by author 1

  - Request: http://blog.verselogic.net/?feed=comments-atom&author=66&preview=1
  - Results: An Atom feed of the only comment on a post created by  
author 66 (my post-from-flickr user)

It -is- possible, with some trickery, to get a feed of comments on a  
particular author's posts. What is the canonicalizer trying to do here?

Alan J Castonguay

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>>>>> In a standard install, we can:
>>>>> - get the general feed > /blog/feed/
>>>>> - get the comments feed > /blog/comments/feed/
>>>>> - get a feed for each author's articles > /blog/author/AUTHOR_ID/ 
>>>>> feed/
>>>>> How would I go about getting the next logical step: a feed of the
>>>>> comments to a given author's articles.
>>>>> Basic idea: /blog/author/AUTHOR_ID/comments/feed/
>>>>> What say you?
>>>>> --
>>>>> Xavier Borderie

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