[wp-hackers] Page Title for Admin Menu

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Wed Feb 11 21:27:16 GMT 2009

I am writing a plugin that adds an admin menu page (not submenu).  It does
this because it¹s really quite a separate thing ‹ a calendar of racing
events, nothing to do with the WP functions, it¹s really a separate data
table and everything.  So, it doesn¹t really belong down in ³settings², or

This is all good, I have it working with add_menu_page and all is fine.  It
really only needs one page (like the ³Links² or ³Comments² menu items), it¹s
just an ³edit events² page.  There is one small problem, and that¹s that the
HTML page title is null.  It says simply ³[blogname] > -- Wordpress².
Nothing I put in the $page_title parameter on add_menu_page works.

If I have a submenu page, it works, but not with just a plain add_menu_page.
I believe the issue is in get_admin_page_title in
wp-admin/includes/plugin.php, but I haven¹t debugged it completely.

My questions are: 1) am I doing something incorrectly that is causing this,
2) is this a known issue and I should just chill, or 3) should I figure it
out and propose a patch?


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