[wp-hackers] SWFobject not included in core?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Wed Feb 11 01:26:07 GMT 2009

"Viper007Bond" <viper at viper007bond.com> wrote:
> I don't see what the problem is. 

There's no "problem", just a difference of opinion. I think it would be more elegant if included, you don't.  If included in core a plugin author can't accidentally include the wrong version or on purpose hack the version the version they include to "provide a patch that won't affect anyone else."

> WordPress can't be expected to bundle every JS package known to man. 

Of course not, but that's a straw man. It would be reasonable to bundle the really popular ones. From what I've seen SWFobject is far more popular than any other alternative, which is why I asked. Am I wrong in my analysis of the number of people who use it? 

FWIW I like to see defacto-standards converge vs. the chaos of many competing options because it can greatly simplifies things.  Clearly there are benefits to multiple alternatives in most cases, but when one solution greatly outpaces all others it makes senses to focus on it just as WordPress has mostly focused on jQuery. For me, one of the main reasons I'm involved in WordPress itself is because it has established itself as the defacto-standard blogging tools/CMS. (So if you don't like defacto-standards I'll ask why are you using WordPress and why aren't you coding your own blog software from scratch?)

> Plus why SWFObject over something else? 

What alternate is there that has even 10% as many people using it?

> What about all of the blogs that don't use it? etc.

It would sit there on the disk minding it's own business not bothering anyone, just like all the blog converters do.

All that said, I get the strong impression  ou've made up your minds and this is a non-starter. If you are not going to change your mind then no need to even reply and this suggestion will just dissipate into the ether.

-Mike Schinkel

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