[wp-hackers] Readability / Typography

John Myrstad john.ivar.myrstad at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 14:24:02 GMT 2009


My fist post to the list, and its a idea. You might have discussed this
before though...

cut`n paste from WP/ideas:

WordPress is a easy-to-write tool for any kind of publishers, and its
> getting better and better...
> BUT, I lack some development when it comes to read-friendliness. Reading on
> screen is much harder than reading on paper of various and documented
> reasons.
> The perfect readable webpage has columns, perfect typographic formatted
> text, no visual clutter/disturbance, pagination and a elastic layout that
> fits different screen sizes.
> To achieve this we need better tools supported in WordPress, even if a good
> theme will do half the work.
> I suggest a read-this feature working much like a print-this feature, with
> usable read friendly text in a modal window like all lightbox clones, with
> support for dynamic columns and paginating based on character/word count.
> check http://www.billhillsite.com/standardsp1.htm for an example of
> readable webpage

 I`d like to get some feedback on my idea of a read-this feature, with
articles/pages 100% optimised for readability. Is it possible to do with
WordPress, or is some kind of support for character counting in WP needed ?

John Myrstad

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