[wp-hackers] Importing HTML files as pages -- been done?

Jess Planck jess at funroe.net
Fri Feb 6 18:23:31 GMT 2009

I've thought about an HTML importer myself for sure.

I think the DOM parser in php 4 was nasty, but the DOM parser for php  
5 could be "bent" to work if you go that far. If your lucky and are  
sure there is some standard element to key from some grep parser would  
probably the easiest.

Personally I ran into too much poorly generated user HTML for the time  
and effort. I would have to fix things in the HTML, run it through  
said importer, get everything filtered into the database correctly,  
and then deal with attachments if any.

Heh, a cool HTML importer that took a zip file would be awesome. Even  
if it was done page by page or post by post it'd still be cool.


On Feb 6, 2009, at 11:52 AM, Stephanie Leary wrote:

> I was thinking more along the lines of parsing the files as XML, but  
> I'm
> open to suggestions.

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