[wp-hackers] Problem with custom TinyMCE button

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Fri Feb 6 12:11:35 GMT 2009

Looking at the function there are couple of things:

1. It seems you're mixing DOM nodes and strings. It would be better to 
stick to one of them:

var e = the link node;
var h = the href from e;
var txt = the inner text from e;

Then you have enough to make the <video> tag string.

2. You got the link node but it's still in the document so when you do 
"insertContent" it puts it at the cursor position inside the existing 
<a> tag, making it totally invalid. It's inserted as string, not DOM 
node so you'll have to either select the <a> tag and replace it or you 
can create new <p> node, set it's content and attribs and replace the 
<a> node (TinyMCE makes this pretty easy, all in one step).

Another problem is that you're replacing an inline element <a> with a 
block element <p> and the <a> element is most likely inside a <p>.  This 
probably would be fixed by the internal cleanup in TinyMCE, but may have 
some problems in some browsers. All browsers have to render the content 
entered in a "contentEditable" area and they are usually quite more 
restrictive about malformed HTML there compared to a "normal" page.

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