[wp-hackers] Problem with custom TinyMCE button

Karl Wångstedt kalle at wangstedt.net
Fri Feb 6 07:43:52 GMT 2009

5 feb 2009 kl. 17.30 skrev Andrew Ozz:

> Did you add 'video' to the extended valid elements in TinyMCE? If  
> no, something like this should work:

Yes, I did.

The weird thing is that it works fine under 2.6.3, witch makes me  
think there's some change in either TinyMCE och in WP under 2.7 that  
makes the javascript in the plugin to stop working.

Do you maybe have suggestion for how I could rewrite the TinyMCE- 
plugin to make it get a link (<a href="blah.mov">) and replace it with  
another code with the link inside(<video src="blah.mov">).

Thank you
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