[wp-hackers] wp_insert_post and publish_post action

Matt Walters mwalters8 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 00:15:08 GMT 2009

Just curious, it seems that wp_insert_post() is not triggering an
action I have tied to publish_post.  Is this intended functionality or
is it just a conflict of plugins?

Further information:

I developed a plugin that ties into publish_post, it seems to work
fine whenever a post is published via the admin, or even if the post
comes in through XMLRPC.  However, today a user reported that while
using wp-o-matic, posts coming in from a feed are not processed by my
plugin so I started investigating and saw that it is using
wp_insert_post() to add posts from the feed into the local copy of
WordPress.  So I guess I'm trying to figure out is it an issue of the
two plugins just can't behave with each other, or do I need to add
further functionality to my plugin to catch posts getting put in via
wp_insert_post().  If I do need to add functionality to my plugin,
does anyone know how to catch posts getting inserted via this method?

Matt Walters

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