[wp-hackers] Style guide for admin plugin interface??

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Thu Feb 5 17:58:45 GMT 2009

On Feb 5, 2009, at 12:39 PM, Paul wrote:

> On Feb 5, 2009, at 11:34 AM, Beau Lebens wrote:
>> What might also be interesting (and perhaps more future-friendly) is
>> if we could address all the common UI elements and provide
>> standardized WP functions for creating them. These functions could be
>> ported back to handle the existing wp-admin UI as well to make
>> everything more consistent.
>> Thoughts?
> I agree 100% on that direction. In my opinion it's the right step  
> forward in providing hooks for a standardized UI for the user which  
> will be consistent across future design changes (or even possible  
> theming) of the admin interface.
> Question is how to begin?
> Paul


I've done my best with the plugins I write to use WP-Admin styles,  
color and layouts for my options screens, but it doesn't always work  
out. Being able to condense this down to a set of functions would be a  
great idea, especially if the rest of the admin utilizes the same  
function set... in other words its not just for plugin developers but  
for all of wp-admin.

Next step would probably be to identify which elements are in use and  
start to get a handle on what would be required out of this UI API.


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