[wp-hackers] Style guide for admin plugin interface??

Paul paul at codehooligans.com
Thu Feb 5 16:00:14 GMT 2009

Looking to update one of my plugins and need some advice. I wrote a  
little plugin last year Simply Exclude http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simply-exclude/

This plugin has sort of a sub-menu. So when you click on Settings ->  
Simply Exclude there is a nav bar across the top containing sub  
options: "Manage Categories", "Manage Tags", "Manage Authors" and  
"Manage Pages".

The changes I'm making are mostly cosmetic. Just trying to update the  
sub-menu to be styled for wp 2.7. I'm looking this morning in the  
Codex for guidelines for plugin authors on styling such a sub-menu.  
Meaning I'd like to use some standard HTML code and let the default  
admin stylesheet take over. Much like when adding a table and using  
the default class="widefat". I see lots of information on coding  
plugins or course but very little (mostly outdated) information on  
building the plugin admin interface.

So looking for suggestions from the group or better if anyone has seen  
something like this in another plugin that would be great. and of  
course if there is a better suggestion for presenting sub-options to  
the user I'm open to that suggestion as well.


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