[wp-hackers] CDN Integration?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Wed Feb 4 19:58:06 GMT 2009

"Sabin Iacob" <iacobs at m0n5t3r.info> wrote:
> get_bloginfo calls get_option behind the scenes, so they are 
> not hard to add, 

Only for hardcoded options; there's no easy pass-thru currently except to use a filter. I was suggesting it be added to the core rather than force it to rely on a filter from a plugin because if it requires that we are back to square one (at least until the core supports auto-loading of required infrastructure plugins.)

Actually, since I wrote that I realized what's really needed is a better way to do media/assets/file management that can support numerous and extensible groups of files (images, video, flash, pdf, etc.), support uploading them to different places including the ability to intercept uploads and route them elsewhere as well as to a preferred directory. Then there's a need for a way to retrieve the path for those files (get_bloginfo() might work.) 

TO ALL:  So this is an example of a file management API. Is this something that should go in core or a plugin?

> but to get others to actually use this 
> convention may be difficult ;)

I believe you would be right, but I'm curious to know why you think it would be difficult?  Resistance, lack of awareness, or lack of concern?

> also, for options you want to modify on the fly, I remember 
> from the days when I actually had time to write wordpress 
> plugins about an undocumented series filters looking like
> "option_<option_name>" (e.g. option_html_type,  built 
> dynamically), from a quick look at the source in trunk, 
> that feature is still there :o)

I don't follow nor how it would relate? (thanks in advance for explaining.)

-Mike Schinkel

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