[wp-hackers] Updating a User Record via PHP?

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at newclarity.net
Mon Feb 2 21:52:42 GMT 2009

> Not sure on your ideas for theming the login. This is 
> very simple to accomplish with just images. I generally 
> will create a login/register image to match the client 
> fron-end.

Sadly, theming with images is just lipstick (on a pitbull? sorry, couldn't resist), not functional improvements. :-)

My client wanted a modal dialog (think a "ThickBox" but we used something else), wanted to let users upload and preview their own avatar, and wanted to allow users to fill in some user profile fields all while still in a wizard within the modal.  Try that with images! :-) 

I had to take the wp-login.php code and *greatly* refactor it to get it to work. The results is I have something that could be a lot more maintainable and with hooks much more easily incorporated including the ability to capture custom user fields in a wizard-like dialog. 

-Mike Schinkel

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