[wp-hackers] Sandbox in WP Core?

Eric Marden wp at xentek.net
Mon Feb 2 19:58:58 GMT 2009

> Sounds like what is really needed is some themeing framework  
> functionality added to the core?

Well the point of a theme framework for me:

* Core WP files remain untouched.
* Core Theme files remain unedited.
* Styles applied via custom CSS file
* Additional Functionality/Configuration Option for theme delivered  
via functions.php
* Further customization available via custom hooks and plugins.

YMMV, but if these 5 bullets were added to WP for any/every possible  
implementation of the above, then we'd have a lot more theme than  
engine, IMHO. With so many theme frameworks out there, offering  
different variations on the above, is it that hard to just install the  
one of your choice? You can even add it before install so you can  
activate it immediately. Coupling any more presentation functionality  
(conditionals, template tags) than is necessary to WP Core is the  
surest way to bloat it up. Give me the 80% for free. I'll take care of  
the other 20%.


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