[wp-hackers] wouldn't internal links be more efficient?

Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Mon Feb 2 16:52:55 GMT 2009

We had certain parts of our site that had a ton of links all together
(e.g. our cloud of 300+ categories). In that case we found that
removing our domain (which is long) from the urls saved us something
like 35% of the download size of the html in our page. Our solution
was to start generating the clouds from a cache and trimming the urls
before caching them. That way we don't mess with normal operation but
for that one part of the site we saved the extra K. It is a fairly big
hassle though and causes problems depending on the install location as
previously stated.

I think applying this to a whole site just isn't worth it at all. If
you have elements of your site that need it identify them specifically
and work to optimize those widgets or whatever instead of making
global changes.

Jeremy Clarke | http://simianuprising.com
Code and Design | http://globalvoicesonline.org

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