[wp-hackers] Re: Translation problems after automatic plugin upgrade

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Mon Feb 2 01:35:44 GMT 2009

I think it would've definately been a problem under 2.6, It had a list
of file types to select between Ascii or binary for, IIRC, that list
didnt specify .mo, so it would've been left to the server config..

However, 2.7 includes a detection method for that sort of thing (If it
contains any non-ascii its treated as a binary file).. So it should
happen automatically for 2.7.

Of course.. That doesnt mean there wasnt a bug in my implementation of
it (I have to admit, I never tested .mo's, only images.. which are

2009/2/2 Derek Hogue <derek at amphibian.info>:
> Jennifer, DD32,
> Thanks for the responses ... I was unaware that .mo files were binary,
> that makes sense that this could be the problem.
> I'll gather more server data from the users who've had problems.  I
> know for sure that one report was from someone running the 2.6 branch,
> but another was just yesterday, so I'm assuming it was from 2.7.
> The plugin is GigPress - http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/gigpress
> The .mo files were created using POEdit, and committed to the
> repository using Versions.
> I can't help but wonder why I haven't heard any other reports of this
> though.  Googling this brought up nothing.
> Best,
> Derek

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