[wp-hackers] Ideas Forum (Voting)

Dan Cole wp at dan-cole.com
Thu Dec 31 03:00:36 UTC 2009

It's important to consider consistency. It's nice to have everything on one
domain. It's also nice to link everyone's thoughts to a single account, so
the community can see where an individual stands. The new profiles (
http://profiles.wordpress.org) that are coming to WordPress.org openly show
how people contribute to Trac, theme development, plugin development, forum
support, and the ideas forum. It could be confusing for people to go to a
seemingly random site to suggest ideas.

Instead of going to a quick solution and an external one at that, we need to
look at how we can best gather the needs of the community. Allowing anyone
to quickly suggest anything they want leads to a lot of repeat ideas and
lead to poor ideas that are too general and not achievable. A new ideas
forum needs to stop ideas that are broad, such as ideas that include words
like "better" or "faster". To add to that, the general community prefers
ideas that broad. Voting up ideas should be simple, while creating ideas
should require thought and lead to something that is finite (had

I'd personally like to see a +1 / -1 system for the ideas forum. The ideas
forum should really be reviewed in a controlled way and then updated to
specifications, but I guess a lot of the people with authority are really

Who has access to modify WordPress.org (excluding the Codex editing)?

Dan Cole

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