[wp-hackers] compression and caching

Micah wp at twolanedesign.com
Tue Dec 29 20:30:46 UTC 2009

Yikes, I never meant to PO anyone by bringing up this discussion. I only 
started this talk out of my concern for Wordpress and while I am totally 
willing to accept certain things shouldn't be and it should never be up to 
one person for a community to make a change. I believe in community support 
and I clearly hear the opposition so I will not add to this debate as I know 
Jacob and Otto are sick of me already.

My biggest cause here was to be forward thinking, to promote optimization to 
the core so that everyone benefits. I appreciate the feedback and apologize 
if I came across as an ignorant brick wall. While I don't agree this debate 
is settled, I don't think my contributing to it will help this cause 
anymore. However, I really hope this talk doesn't die simply as plugin 
dismissed. Thanks for listening. 

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