[wp-hackers] Improving WordPress Core Development

Dan Cole wp at dan-cole.com
Mon Dec 28 20:31:46 UTC 2009

I'm looking into the development of WordPress releases and would like to get
the thoughts of people who are the main developers and contributes, or
really anyone that contributes in Trac. How would you like to see the
development of WordPress and the release schedule improved? What
organizational changes can be done to make the process smoother and more

What does everyone think about adding a  Release Schedule Methodology, a
Feature Freeze Policy, and a Feature and Enhancement Inclusion Policy.
Basically these would limit when feature and enhancement requests would make
it into a release and the latest the patch could be commit. These types of
things are found in other open source projects, such as the Fedora
distribution for Linux, and help them stay organized, stabilize the scope of
a release, and make the development progression more transparent to the
community. For WordPress it would help reduce the number of bugs late in
development and would keep the release on schedule. I think these three
things are right in-line with Jane's post titled "Setting Scope" and are not
meant to discourage development.

Dan Cole

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