[wp-hackers] Wordpress as a CMS

Beau Lebens beau at dentedreality.com.au
Tue Dec 22 14:19:45 UTC 2009

> Hi Mike. That site's analysis of "Decreasing year-over-year development
> activity" seems weird to me, since as far as I know, those common bits
> between WP and bbPress were only formalized into BackPress in the last year
> or so. I could be totally wrong, but I remember Sam Bauers working on it for
> integration between bbPress and BuddyPress, and Beau just put up a site
> recently. Try http://backpress.org/ instead. Fledgling site still, but Beau
> Lebens loves BackPress, Matt loves BackPress, Westi loves BackPress, and
> it's integral to  some big projects, so I don't really see it going away as
> long as there's a WordPress.

I literally put that site together a few days ago, so it doesn't have
much Google Juice yet, but I'm working on it. Going to try to post
something to my blog (http://dentedreality.com.au/) today, and
hopefully some other folks will start linking it up now that it
exists. Also going to get some links from current places that mention
BackPress to try to get things all pointing to one place so we can
"rally the troops" as they say, and drum up some interest in BackPress
as a "stand alone" project (not that it's stand alone, but it could
use a little love).

If anyone is interested in putting together any documentation they
feel that's missing, providing links to docs that already exist, think
BP needs some expansion in certain areas, can help with merges to/from
WordPress and bbPress code etc, please let me know I guess either via
this list for now, or via comments on that site!


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