[wp-hackers] Wordpress as a CMS

Brad Williams bradw at illiams.com
Mon Dec 21 14:34:14 UTC 2009

I fail to see the difference between storing your data in a meta table vs. a
custom table?  After a few thousands records wouldn't your custom table
suffer the same consequences as a meta table?  Ultimately it comes down to
your server setup and what it can handle, not what table you store the data

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> On Dec 18, 2009, at 9:44 PM, Jean-Patrick Smith wrote:
> > Wordpress as a CMS is only feasible if you do it the PodsCMS way, you
> can't
> > really scale well using the other CMS plugins that just make
> > editing/displaying meta values easier.
> While I actually agree with you on this I wanted to let you know that
> Matt disagrees.  I was fortunate to have had a long conversation about
> with Matt at WordCamp Birmingham and he told me him does not believe in
> PodsCMS/Drupal CCK approach. He said that as far as he was concerned such
> approach will never make it into the WordPress core, instead preferring
> tables.
> That's my memory of the conversation anyway.  I'd love it if Matt would
> jump in to clarify his comments if I misrepresented his position on this
> also to give his rationale for why the PodsCMS/Drupal CCK approach is the
> wrong way to go.

That is sad, because what PodsCMS does is provide similar functionality of a
CRUD utility. Except it also incorporates templating into the mix, and soon
to come, a more robust menu system than what wordpress offers out of the

1 meta table is OK for a few blog posts... but you can't have for example a
gaming website walk-through guide, with all extra data inside meta tables.
After a few thousand records, you're database will start to suffer the

With the PodsCMS approach, it automagically creates a wp_pods_walkthrough
table, and adds the column you specify.

While I understand Wordpress was created for blogging, the UI is so nice,
all it needs is a little touch up to become a full blown CMS.

> Maybe it's not all bad that it remains as a plugin then, though hopefully
> an
> ever improving plugin. That way those that don't want this kind of
> functionality can quite happily avoid it, while those of us that do will
> able to enjoy the PodCMS benefits as we see them.

I'd like to see it on the level of BuddyPress, I think BP just has a well
designed website and more community support... PodsCMS makes my day though,
you can't do it with Wordpress alone, not like that.
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