[wp-hackers] JavaScript concatenation and compression - any documentation?

Ken Newman Ken at adcSTUDIO.com
Fri Dec 18 21:49:18 UTC 2009

"Concatenation is available only for scripts shipped with WP Core."

It not turned on by default for your plugins and themes.
It's not available for your plugin or theme scripts either.

You can use the core scripts that are concatenated, but your scripts 
will not be concatenated with those scripts or automatically 
concatenated with themselves.

On 12/18/2009 4:43 PM, Davit Barbakadze wrote:
> What does it mean it can't be turned on? I've been asking whether
> concatenation is already turned on (for only core scripts) by default?
> On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 11:36 PM, Andrew Nacin<wp at andrewnacin.com>  wrote:
>>> Is it turned on by default for my plugins and themes?
>> No. It can't be turned on, period. Two versions of core scripts are
>> committed the core -- a development version, and a compressed version
>> created by core developers using YUI. The compressed version is used unless
>> a debug constant is set in wp-config.php. The core only concatenates core
>> scripts.
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