[wp-hackers] Proposing WP Flavours (various WordPress forks)

Callum Macdonald lists.automattic.com at callum-macdonald.com
Fri Dec 18 05:51:33 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 00:08 -0500, Doug Stewart wrote:
> I was thinking far less forking and far more Fedora Spins (
> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/) or Open Atrium (http://openatrium.com/)
> wherein a custom workflow outside the general need/use case is
> accommodated/tailored-to in order to make a software distro immediately more
> useful to a subset of people.

Excellently put, exactly what I had in mind. In retrospect, I think I
was being overly dramatic using the word fork. I was thinking of custom
rolled versions rather than full on forks (although things might move in
that direction).

Are you interested in maintaining a set of patches to roll a custom

Warmly - Callum.

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