[wp-hackers] I think I get it now

Jean-Patrick Smith chicagowebdev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 23:50:42 UTC 2009

So it's probably really annoying if I posted the entire contents of the
mailing list everytime I replied? Just saw that!

Sorry, what a way to introduce meh self :P

Anyways, I'm JP from Chicago, have been hacking wordpress into a cms for
years, here's the latest diabolical projects I've launched:
- http://www.findingthegold.com
- http://www.focusem.com
- http://www.24hourflex.com
- http://www.jeffrago.com
- http://www.graphics.ms - i helped start the company but left, im a

All of those using wordpress, that's my 2009 greatest achievements w/ WP!

I've recently found out about PodsCMS, and it's a great plugin that sits on
top of Wordpress... I was going to develop something exactly like it, but
it's already like v1.7 so I plan on joining the dev team if they'll have me.

Anyways, I use WP as a CMS and it's nice to finally get around to joining
the list!

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