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Jeremy Clarke jer at simianuprising.com
Wed Dec 16 16:35:23 UTC 2009

Re: Moderated comments and whether to allow tutorial links -

I think having comment 'types' like in p2 would make sense in this
case. A comment can be some text in-itself, with an explanation and
the ability to add syntax-colored PHP code, but you should also be
able to switch modes and instead make your comment a 'posted link'.
You'd give the url and a short description of why people should click
it. I think this would allow both types of submissions to prosper
together and the resulting mix would regulate itself based on
contributions. They could also share whatever voting system was put in
place to keep things organized.

Not-yet-mentioned but manadatory would be a 'flagging' system included
with the up/down voting to mark something as spam, irrelevant etc.

Also +1 for carefully considering how this system will play out WRT
multilingualism. At some point deep in the past I added a third-party
'browser bar search' thing for the codex in my firefox that gives
different results from the current 'search the codex' feature on the
site. It is incredibly useful to me because for whatever reason it
filters out the non-english sites in a way that the wordpress.org
version doesn't. Keeping languages distinct helps everyone.

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 7:15 PM, Arne Brachhold
<himself at arnebrachhold.de> wrote:
> * A clean documentation divided in major topics, for example: "WP
> Query", "Database Access", "Security" or "Configuration" with simple
> tutorials and "Howtos".

I think the best way to accomplish this would be to use a category
taxonomy that applies to the content of this site (ideally a WP site
as already stated). It would allow the functions/hooks to all be on
the same level in the system but also give a good way to browse
functionality using the categories or narrow search results using
search terms+categories. This already exists in the Codex, but as
anyone familiar with MediaWiki categories knows they aren't
particularly easy to use. If the developer portal allowed people to
use their wordpress.org login credentials then adding categories would
be as easy as editing the post and looking through the list for what's

Re: recognition for public documentation -

It's not exactly impressive or particularly well put together to
emphasize my contributions, but this page exists :


If I was trying to impress a particular client, or trying to beef up
my resume, I could use that link as proof that I'm committed to WP.
The problem is its not much to look at and e.g. doesn't state my total
edits. I wouldn't want clients to actually look too closely cause the
details are boring, but I could say something like "I do a lot of
edits on functionality important to me, to see exactly what I've done
see [this link]" and that page would the proof in case they want to

In the new system I think having a summary like that would be very
useful for people like me, especially if it was done with recognition
(rather than, say, auditing) in mind. A big number showing my total
edits, lines edited, etc at the top along with my profile picture
could be a big help. Obviously it should also be integrated with

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