[wp-hackers] Developer portal

Matilda Griswold matilda.griswold at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 15 08:48:50 UTC 2009

Dear Mike,

I've been meaning to ask.

Are you just this big-picture sort of guy who just loves to explain
(in glorious detail) to the world how he'd prefer things be? Do you
spend a tenth as much time actually working on things as you do
discussing them on mailing lists? If you do, I'd love to know where
you find the time. :)

Along with all your thoughts on how a community should be managed and
how good software should be written, could you please point us to any
interesting tutorials or plugins (or anything useful, really) you have
released? I'd be fascinated to check them out.


On 15/12/2009 04:53, Mike Schinkel wrote:
> Here are some thoughts: We had a simple modification of a WordPress
> site were we could have a tutorial and/or the basic documentation for
> a function or a concept and then in the comments people in the
> community could add their suggestions and even include a summary along
> with related articles.
> The users could select a comment type and one of the types could be
> link to a related article along with appropriate fields.  Users could
> also give thumbs up or thumbs down for being helpful, and if the vote
> goes negative those would be hidden. The comments could also be
> displayed in descending vote order with newer comments given a month
> at the top (unless voted negative.)
> A process could also test links periodically and mark the bad links.
> Periodically the keepers of the content could revise the main
> article and incorporate the better comments including an
> acknowledgement of the person who made the contribution and a link to
> their article.
> This approach would provide great content, community involvement,
> and individual incentives for contributing.
> -Mike

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