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Nathan Rice ncrice at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 22:48:44 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 5:26 PM, Stephanie Leary <steph at sillybean.net>wrote:

> I agree!
> The problem with the alternative, linking from the Codex out to existing
> tutorials, is that those tutorials wouldn't be part of the search index.
Pulling everything into a central tutorial/documentation site (Codex) is:

1. It is anything but community.
Care to guess who wrote this Codex page?

Not that it would matter if there were attribution. If a person writes good
WordPress tutorials, but they do it all at WordPress.org, then what does it
benefit them to have a link back to their blog?

Community isn't everyone gathering in one room and living together ... it's
everyone living in their own place and cooperating to achieve similar goals.
Maybe one big site might seem like a good idea, but it will discourage
participation (see my next point).

2. The codex already exists and people choose to write tutorials on their
own blogs.

Let's face it, given the choice between contributing to Codex and writing a
tutorial on their own blogs, people choose to write the tutorials one their
own blogs where they feel they will get the most credit (or monetarily
benefit from traffic). Why not just sense where the winds are blowing and
raise the sails?

And before anyone actually does suggest it, please try to stay clear of any
suggestion to scrape content from blogs and post it on the Codex in any way,
shape, or form. That's just wrong.


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