[wp-hackers] newlines from rich text editor do not convert to paragraphs

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Mon Dec 14 08:05:34 UTC 2009

mccormicky wrote:
> I think I was going on about the html *mode* of the wp editor, not *html*itself.
> It's not a firefox only issue. I see this in safari and internet explorer.
> Simple fix: use the html *mode of the editor* to insert line breaks by *hitting
> the return key*.
> Then switch back to visual format  to do your rich text stuff * *then switch
> back to html mode* *and save.
> if you save your changes in visual mode you run the risk of losing some
> formatting.In this case, line breaks.

I'm still not clear what the actual problem is... Dion explained quite 
well how the editors work: in HTML mode single return is converted to 
<br /> two returns are converted to <p>. In visual mode single return 
inserts new paragraph, and Shift+Return inserts <br />. Saving either in 
visual or HTML mode doesn't make a difference.

If you're seeing something else, please disable all plugins and switch 
to the default theme to see if it makes a difference.

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