[wp-hackers] Automate the installation of WordPress

André andre at thehook.eu
Sun Dec 13 20:33:54 UTC 2009


I want to make a script that install WordPress for my users without going
through the install.php?step=1 and ..?step=2.

After what I have found there is a shell script made by Stephanie Booth
(http://climbtothestars.org/play/wordpress.sh.txt) but it is pretty old,
and is not working on the latest version of WP.

The script above would be perfect for me after some stripping, but the
"wget $url/wp-admin/install.php?step=x" does not work, as it requires an
email address as input.

I have been on the thought to just backup the whole database and change
the values I needed to, but then again all the times will be pretty old as
WP inserts comments and everything during installation that's dated on the
installation time.

Is there anywhere I can find the SQL in a separate file?


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