[wp-hackers] Developer portal

Michael Pretty mpretty at voceconnect.com
Fri Dec 11 20:48:53 UTC 2009

Things that would have helped me in the beginning:
1.  Links to the WP irc rooms.
2.  A trusted resource for plugins that show good development practices 
(hopefully what core plugins will provide)

This may exist, but it wasn't something I found 3 years ago when I 
needed it most.

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> If there were to be a developer portal for WordPress, someplace where 
> if you're first getting started with hacking on WP, building plugins, 
> creating themes, you could go and it'd have all the best resources in 
> one place, what resources do you think would be important to have there?
> What do you wish you had when you first started developing for WordPress?
> (Bonus points if it's something that already exists, just scattered 
> around. :))

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