[wp-hackers] Some Left-Field names for Canonical Plugins

Doug Stewart zamoose at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 03:44:24 UTC 2009

While I certainly appreciate the effort put in by the Core team in putting
forth an Official list of alternatives to "Canonical" plugins  (
http://wordpress.org/development/2009/12/canonical-plugins/), I feel as
though many of the options are, well, sub-Standard. I think we're missing
out on a Premium opportunity to do some promotion of WordPress to
demographics that we might not hit otherwise. What follows is a list of
suggestions and their target demos to add to the queue. I've thick skin, so
don't worry if you don't like some of them -- I don't need your praise to
feel Validated.

-BuddyPlugins: Hey, WordPress-based social networking is hot right now, as
anyone that's been to a WordCamp knows. Let's take advantage of it!

-Top-Ranked: SEO bloggers will go nuts for this.

-Buffed (EQ/BUF): All you WoW players will shout for joy when you come
across a gold-colored plugin. Finally, you can retire that light green
Twitter plugin you've been hanging on to for want of something better!

-Sidekicks: Holy Open Source development, Batman! We're sure to grab some
comic book aficionados' attention with this one.

-Henchmen (Hench-plugins?): The evil genius/mad overlord blogger demo is
vastly under-served. Willing to bet Viktor von Doom uses F/L/OSS in his
battle armor.

-Expansion Packs: FPS fans will love these and we might even be able to get
a few professional Star Craft players to endorse 'em.

-Downloadable Content (DLC): Xbox360 gamers and Rock Band players, ahoy!

-The Back-up Band: Any good musician that's spent their time in smoky blues
clubs knows that the front man ain't nothin' without their drums, bass, etc.

Feel free to add your own. *grin*

(In all seriousness, I think "Endorsed", "Backed", "Supported" or
"Recommended" also belong on the real list...)


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