[wp-hackers] Tips for moving a Wordpress install

Stephanie Leary steph at sillybean.net
Tue Dec 1 21:50:56 UTC 2009

Harish's instructions are great. There's one other field in the options
table you'll need to edit on the new server: upload_path. (I suppose if
there's something in upload_url_path you'd need to change that, too, but
it's blank in all my installations.)

I take a slightly different approach to the URL problem: I use the Search
and Replace plugin
(http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search-and-replace/) and run it on the
content field only. That will leave the serialized options alone, but then
you'd have to figure out which plugins are storing paths and fix them all
by hand (including the string lengths) or just deactivate them and start

Stephanie Leary

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