[wp-hackers] Hack in Update-Function?

Lutz Schröer latz at elektroelch.de
Wed Apr 29 12:40:25 GMT 2009

Demetris wrote:
> See also this:
> 'option_update_plugins' filter won't run
> <http://groups.google.com/group/wp-hackers/browse_thread/thread/a12f70d6b649c917>
Argh! The "transient_update_plugin" hook does not work for me on my 
machine neither.

I'm using the hook to check if the system runs PHP 5.0+ and now I simply 
assume that people running WP2.8 also have PHP 5.0+ running, so no need 
to check for that. But it's still very unsatisfying that the code does 
not work under 2.8.


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