[wp-hackers] Multiple category boxes / tabs in the Admin Area

Eduardo Wosiack Zulian eduardo at ethymos.com.br
Tue Apr 28 21:36:45 GMT 2009

Probably this is my first message in this list, so hello to you all!

Well, I'm working in a project for a Non-Governamental Organization, and
like most of the NGOs around the world, they have a lot of texts, articles,
cases and campaings, wich will result in a big process of categorization. My
ideia is to add more category boxes (as you can see here
http://wordpress.org/support/topic/233789?replies=2) in the Add / Edit Post
panels to help me - and them, specially - organise all the content,
separating each one of my main categories in different boxes / tags. I've
managed to hack edit-form-advanced.php for testing, but I don't want do do

So, my questions: is there a good way to manage this without hacking into
edit-form-advanced.php? Yes, I'm planning a plugin, but God, my head's a
mess theses days and I can't think clearly anymore. Should I remove
post_categories_meta_box and create my own with add_meta_box? Corrections,
suggestions and enlightenments will be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

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