[wp-hackers] Comment Moderation UI limited for the Author

Daniel Cameron dan at sproutventure.com
Mon Apr 27 16:36:05 GMT 2009

> 1. You want the edit comments page to work normally for other users
> (editors, admins, etc.) and only want the filtered view for authors.
> 2. Since this is (I'm assuming) for a client or someone other than
> yourself, you wouldn't want to hinder their ability to do upgrades in
> the future.

Yep, those requirements are accurate. Especially since we don't want to
modify the WP core "unless we have to".

> A. Altering the final query sql itself with a query filter that
> catches it under the right conditions

I've tried this but found it's not possible to filter on post author
attributed to the comment.

> B. Pluging in a new admin comment management

This is one of the solutions I originally had but it's going to take too
much time.

As Jesse mentioned, the hooks aren't quite there for this to be done

easily in a plugin, although I'm guessing a patch to add a hook inside

of _wp_get_comment_list may be accepted since it seems like this type

of thing might be a common useful feature for plugins to be able to


This is the route we may have to go if we can't figure this out via a
plugin. I'm just worried it will take too long to get approved--especially
with 2.8 around the corner.

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