[wp-hackers] Comment Moderation UI limited for the Author

Daniel Cameron dan at sproutventure.com
Mon Apr 27 08:09:28 GMT 2009

You're right, there's some major clarification needed. Especially since I
formed the question around comment moderation instead of the comment
moderation UI (which was the original intent of the submission, even though
I confused the topic--and myself--when I brought in role capabilities).

Here it goes again:

Anyone have recommendations on how to limit the comment moderation [page
for] the post author, [so they don't see comments across the entire site]?

Basically, we will have a post that only the author could manage comments
[default author level]. Authors with a single post attributed to them,
should be able to edit the comments attributed to their posts but no-one
else's (default "author" role) [nor should they be able to see other
comments within their comment moderation page].

We're running into the same issue with Media management but are handling
that much differently.

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