[wp-hackers] Question about some annoyances I have

Arthur Pemberton pemboa at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 06:17:58 GMT 2009

I'm a new user of Wordpress and I like it overall, but there are two
annoyances I've found with that seem unique to wordpress, so I've come
here to query the design decisions behind them.

The first is the use and enforcement of `siteurl`. Why is this option
relied on so heavily and even redirected to? All the site resources
use this absolute URL instead of base /wp-content url. I have my
wordpress on my dev box, and simply showing it to a friend through my
apache reverse proxy is unusually troublesome because of this.

This brings me to my second annoyance, absolute URLs for internal
resource. If I upload an image, again, the entire absolute URL is
used. I do not understand the motivation benefit of these two design
decisions, and was hoping someone here could explain them please.

Thank you.

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