[wp-hackers] peculiar problem on setting GMT

SoJ Web sojweb at indiana.edu
Fri Apr 24 19:25:47 GMT 2009

Yeah, I keep getting my free time eaten up, but I'll upload what I've  
got... and it wouldn't be much to make it fully workable. The link is:


As I was playing with it, a few things came to mind that it should  
account for:

1 - It needs to take into account daylight savings time, which depends  
both on the time zone and when a particular post was published.
2 - If an author can set one time zone, they ought to be able to set  
multiple time zones (if I move to india, my EST setting won't do me  
any good).
3 - Posts should respect the time zone setting from the time they were  
published, not necessarily the current setting.
4 - I'd like it to hook into pre_option_gmt_offset instead of  
get_the_time like it does now

None of this would be hard, I just haven't had time for it. And if  
anyone has any ideas for improvement, please hack away!


On Apr 24, 2009, at 14:58 PM, Simon Wheatley wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 2:02 PM, SoJ Web <sojweb at indiana.edu> wrote:
>> Yeah, I went with displaying the GMT offset along with the author  
>> time, but
>> displaying local time would also be nice. At any rate, some point of
>> reference for the time is definitely in order if posts come from  
>> different
>> time zones.
> Any news on a URL for that plugin? :)
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