[wp-hackers] InDesign to WordPress?

Glenn Ansley glenn at glennansley.com
Fri Apr 17 13:36:28 GMT 2009

Has anybody here ever run across a workflow that goes from inDesign to
WordPress, retaining the RTF of the text?
I'm looking into different solutions and currently think that the best
option will be to export from inDesign as XML, using their tagging
feature to tag all the bolds, titles, signatures, etc. The only
problem is that there are a lot of bold and italicized text in the
content and that's going to be a lot of tagging. (This will also be a
reoccurring process every couple of months so I really need a flow
process, not a one time intensive data entry solution).

Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an easier alternative. Thanks!

Glenn Ansley
Custom WordPress Plugins

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