[wp-hackers] Edit Template Tags with Plugin

Aaron Jorbin aaron.jorbin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 06:09:58 GMT 2009


I was at the Portland Wordpress User Group meeting tonight and brought
up a question and Lorelle said that this might be the best place for
it.  Any assistance that can be provided would of course be greatly

What I am hoping to do is create a plugin that can filter the content
of theme files similiarly to


The goal is to essentially allow for the plugin to modify the results
of the get_header(), get_footer() and get_sidebar() template tags, but
I haven't figured out how to do that.  I've tried

remove_action('get_header', 'load_template');

and replacing it with a function that would do what I would like, but
that doesn't work.  Does anyone have any advice on if this is
possible?  Anyone know if there are any plugins currently doing this?

Thanks in advance for any tips that anyone is able to provide.
Aaron Jorbin
aaron.jorbin at gmail.com
Twitter: @aaronjorbin

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