[wp-hackers] 24-hour has-patch marathon TODAY

Jane Wells jane at automattic.com
Thu Apr 16 11:39:21 GMT 2009

Hi everyone. A reminder post will go live on the dev blog at 4pm UTC/ 
9am Pacific about the 24-hour has-patch marathon that's happening  
today/tomorrow, but I thought I'd drop a note in here as well. I sent  
a note to the testers list about testing the almost 200 patches that  
are currently in Trac, so hopefully a lot of the patches that have  
been submitted can be committed during the marathon.

There are almost 200 tickets with patches, but over 300 that need a  
patch. And we haven't even gotten to bug hinting for 2.8. We're in  
feature freeze for 2.8 as of today, so we'll announce a bug hunt  
sometime soon. It would be great to clear out some of these existing  
tickets. If you can make time to write a patch for any of these 300  
today, that would be awesome. If you don't have time to code, maybe  
you could at least help out with the testing? Whatever you can do  
would be great.

Here are all the 2.8 tickets, if you want to start patching:

Here are the tickets with patches, if you want to start testing:


And if anyone plans to stay up and actually write or test patches for  
the full 24 hours, let me know. If you're blogging/twittering about it  
throughout the marathon (saying what tickets you're currently working  
on or whatever), I might point to you as an example from the WordPress  
twitter account.

When I put up the results of the marathon on the dev blog on Monday,  
I'll also link to the top 5 testers and top 5 patch contributors from  
the 24-hour marathon period, which begins in a few hours at 4pm UTC/ 
9am Pacific  and runs until 4pm UTC/9am Pacific on Friday.


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