[wp-hackers] peculiar problem on setting GMT

SoJ Web sojweb at indiana.edu
Tue Apr 14 23:53:11 GMT 2009

And if all you do is apply a filter to the time display functions,  
you're not messing with the timestamps in the database or the  
chronology anyway.


On Apr 14, 2009, at 7:46 PM, Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:

> Otto -- I think that WP stores all times for updates and such as GMT  
> behind the scenes, by converting from the display time zone to GMT  
> before storing the information.
> So I don't think you'd get out of order issues you are worried about.
> Then again, I am running out the door and didn't check the code, so  
> I could be wrong.  Check the code to be sure, but I think this  
> storage convention is what would also allow you to change the time  
> zone for your blog and have everything magically display in the new  
> time zone.
>   --Jennifer
> Otto wrote:
>> The problem with setting time zone on a per-user basis is that posts
>> can then get out of order when displayed chronologically.
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