Can Trac message the list? Was Re: [wp-hackers] Any way to bypass$wp->query_posts()?

Barry Abrahamson barry at
Fri Apr 10 15:03:34 GMT 2009

On Apr 10, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Silverstein, Jesse wrote:

>> I think you can put your email address in your forum  
>> profile, and it will use that to send you email. I get cc'd email  
>> on several trac tickets regularly.
> My email address is saved in my account, and I do not get ccs  
> from trac there.
>> There is actually a ticket in Trac for Barry that says that users  
>> are unable to save their preferences.
>> I have confirmed that I am unable to get Trac to save any  
>> preferences I enter.  My name and email were entered before the  
>> upgrade to 0.11, and are in there, but if I try to change them when  
>> the page refreshes they are reset back to what they were before  
>> clicking "Save Changes".
> Yeah, what he said. WP-Trac will not accept any changes I try to  
> make to my preferences, therefore I cannot enter an email address,  
> therefore the cc function is effectively broken.
> As of this morning, it is also erroring out when I try to log in  
> from the preferences page. If I go to the home page and click login,  
> it works fine.

Both of these issues should now be fixed.

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