[wp-hackers] Any way to bypass $wp->query_posts()?

SoJ Web sojweb at indiana.edu
Thu Apr 9 02:05:12 GMT 2009

> PHP is essentially a modern programming language with control  
> structures, variables, information hiding, exception handling, etc.   
> mod_rewrite is a simple declarative solution that depends on a  
> pattern matching language notorious for it's unintended side- 
> effects. I think you'd be hard pressed to argue among computer  
> scientists that mod_rewrite is as easy to make robust as PHP if you  
> are using the term "robust" as it is defined[1] in computer science.

You intend to rewrite URL's without using pattern matching? Regardless  
of whether you're using Apache or PHP, you still end up using regular  
expressions for anything remotely complicated. But you missed my  
point. The point was to put a rewrite directive before the WordPress  
directives so that your code, instead of WordPress, could handle the  
request (and probably with regex). Rewriting to specific file that  
handles the request is not sub-optimal. If you think it is, stop using  
WordPress, because that's what it does.

> Just because if works for you in your specific use-cases doesn't  
> make it a reasonable general purpose solution.

You said you don't understand the pushback for this issue. Well, here  
you go. No one seems to be experiencing whatever issues you are. If  
all you have to do is add an if statement, go for it.

> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robust#Computer_Science

Yes, thanks. I became familiar with this definition as I was earning  
my degree in computer science.

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