[wp-hackers] Categories empty on all blogs after PHP upgrade

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Wed Apr 8 18:05:14 GMT 2009

> From: Hacker Scot <shacker at birdhouse.org
> I just can't see how a PHP upgrade could affect specific data in
> specific tables, affecting all users on the server. Is there any
> conceivable way that something related could be in play, such as the
> PHP-MySQL driver being different, or similar? Any kind of PHP
> environment variable that could have an effect like this?

OK, the problem has been solved. For the archives:

The PHP upgrade was done through easy_apache, which is a script  
provided to administrators of cPanel systems for upgrading apache/PHP.  
 From the datacenter:

The major issue was that /tmp was full due to eaccelerator cache. I've  
setup EA to use RAM only for it's caches. After this I ran a mysql  
repair. Mysql uses /tmp for tables while repairing them but as /tmp  
was full it wasn't repairing tables properly.

The real fix here is to set ‘eaccelerator.shm_only=”1″‘ in the  
php.ini. This will essentially cache all eAccelerator hits to memory  
with no hit to performance. We install our copies of eAccelerator this  
way, although cPanel does not. Anytime you rebuild Apache using  
cPanel, this value must be changed back as cPanel will build it with  
its own default settings.


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