[wp-hackers] Re: wp-hackers Digest, Vol 51, Issue 15

Michael Toppa public at toppa.com
Wed Apr 8 11:43:21 GMT 2009

Thanks for the replies from scribu and Nathan. I updated the codex page 
for wp_enqueue_script with a more detailed example and more guidance on 
which hooks to use.


One thing I was hesitant to change was the src parameter info - it 
specifically says to use a URL that's relative to the root of the 
wordpress installation. Both scribu and Nathan said that a full URL is 
fine, and that did work fine for me. Can anyone confirm if this is by 
accident or design? If the advise in the codex is wrong, then I'll 
update it on that point too.

Mike T
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> 1. About using template_redirect:
> DD32:
> [template_redirect] is one of the easiest filters to use after WP has loaded
> and parsed everything, and is ready to start outputting. when this action
> fires, Plugins have everything at their disposal, and the theme hasnt
> displayed anything yet, Very useful time to inspect and redirect if need be,
> or to enqueue stuff that'll be needed (since you can see the posts now)
>  2. You can use get_bloginfo('template_url').
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