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Nivanka Fonseka fonsekaean at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 15:57:42 GMT 2009

Dear Muthuswamy,

I raised this in my proposal too, my point is that we can integrate a
WYSIWYG editor like EditArea to the wordpress, so that people may find
it really easy to edit. I do think that a tree is some good idea, but
there is a way in which the wordpress templates are built, so I think
the system must be compatible to that.

Thanks for your kind reply.


On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 6:53 PM, Muthuswamy <muthu.work at gmail.com> wrote:
> wp-hackers-request at lists.automattic.com wrote:
>> Re: Template revisioning system for WordPress
> I made some ideas for GSOC wordpress. But my I was not able to submit my
> application to GSOC on time. I think these ideas can help the community to
> build my idea into a final project. I am also interested in doing this
> project, so if you wish we can work together.
> Detailed Proposal:
> --------------------------
> Wordpress theme editor has been a mere text editor with no special features
> built in it. This project proposal is to provide improvements to the default
> Wordpress theme editor and add some usable functionality that can help theme
> developers.
> 1. Theme Files Tree View:
> Current theme editor just skips the sub-folders inside the themes folder, so
> editing these files from the admin panel is not possible. This project is
> going to include all the html, php, css, javascript files inside the themes
> folder in any level of folder the files is in. This can be achieved by
> adding a modified file navigation tree, replacing the traditional system.
> 2. Theme Versioning System:
> Similar to the post versioning system, the theme editor will also get a
> versioning system where the revisions of the files are stored in a separate
> folder like:
> wp-content/themes/theme-revisions/<themename>/<subfolder>/<date>.<time>.<filename>.<extension>
> Here we do not require any database related functions as the list of
> revisions are got from scanning the file system and displayed under the
> theme editor for respective files. This will allow the user to easily manage
> the revisions for the specific file.
> The user can also select specific revisions of file to create new set of
> theme right from the admin panel and test the new theme without affecting
> the current theme files.
> The versioning system also holds the copy of the current file so even if the
> user changes the file through FTP, the theme system can identify changes and
> save the copy of new revision in the respective theme revisions folder. This
> method can be achieved by invoking versioning functions when the user enters
> the Wordpress admin dashboard(fake cron).
> If the user require, autosave option can also be enabled. But this will
> disabled by default as it can create too many unwanted revisions.
> I hope this will help in some way.
> Regards,
> Muthuswamy K.
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Nivanka Fonseka

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