[wp-hackers] Advance Search in Wordpress

hiddenpearls hiddenpearls at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 09:21:03 GMT 2009

hey , i have also submitted my application for Search . please look at
that and send me ur comments please . thanks

There should be a choice of 3 searches

1.    Basic search :

            Basic search will have a simple search to all posts.

2.    Intermediate search:

Intermediate will have few options for selecting one or all posts,
categories and plugins.

3.    Advanced search:

I will create a user friendly interface for multiple selections of
search criteria (posts in category A with tags B and C; posts with
author A and "text string"; plugins with keywords A and B, version
compatibility C.)

FULLTEXT search will be used and it will display words with high

For advanced selection interface, I will use Jquery, powered with DOM
for optimum performance.

Apart from these methods a Boolean FULLTEXT search can also be

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