[wp-hackers] WPLookup Version 2

Andy Stratton theandystratton at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 00:06:19 GMT 2009

Hey All,
WPLookup version 2 thanks too some help from Joost and Matt Martz.


   - New design
   - Search results page including Function/Template tag pages, Codex
   Search, PHPXref, phpDoc, and Custom WP Google Search
   - Sidebar of resource links (open to suggestions for more)

*Pro-tip:* use the redirect_to query param to get a redirect functionality
like the first version, e.g.:

Valid values include codex (template tags, function ref, or codex searh),
phpxref, and phpdoc. These will throw 404 errors if they have no result.

Hope this helps you out and you find it useful,


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