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Silverstein, Jesse Jesse.Silverstein at xerox.com
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This would probably be best achieved by a plugin. This is how I would
write said plugin:

On some action (admin-head or admin-head-(page-hook) ?) enqueue the
maxlength js, and your own plugin's js (needs to be after jquery, so add
as a requirement). Then add a filter somewhere during the
edit-form-advanced (maybe "the_editor") to put in a hidden "maxlength"
field for the maxlength js. Your plugin's js should 1) add a span with
appropriate ID inside the td with id="wp-word-count" after the
word-count.js has added its own span. See wp-admin/js/word-count.js for
reference there. Then 2) trigger the maxlength plugin (safest after page
load has finished).

Also, I think you will want to make sure this only happens if

Good luck!

-Jesse Silverstein

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hi there!
i just entered the list 'cause i need your help

Is there a way to limit the amount of characters in a wordpress post? I
mean, limit the amount of characters WHEN WRITING A POST, something like
integrating the maxlength
wordpress edit-form-advanced.php... I know those kind of scripts work
with textarea, but i can't find the textarea tag on wordpress...

if there is no way to achieve this, it also could be useful a way to
the characters i'm actually writing...

thank you!
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