[wp-hackers] GSoC Template versioning proposal

Ankit Ahuja ahuja.ankit at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 13:29:06 GMT 2009

Hi everyone,
My name is Ankit Ahuja. I was working on my proposal for the template
versioning idea for GSoC.
My proposal consists of the following features:
- Revisions for template files - creating revisions for template files
whenever the user edits a template file in the theme editor. A table
'wp_template_files' will be used to hold the records for the various
revisions of template files. The actual content of the revisions will
be stored by creating new files in /wp-content/themes/revisions/theme-
User will be able to compare the code of two revisions similar to the
way two revisions of a post are compared.
- Revisions for template/theme as a whole - whenever the user saves a
template file, a new revision for the template will also be created.
The records for the template revisions will be stored in a separate
table 'wp_templates'. It will consist of fields for all template files
that will contain the revision of the template file for that
particular revision of the template. If the template does not contain
a template file, that field will be empty
-Autosave -  Similar to when the user writes posts, when she is
editing a template file, it will be auto saved.
-Description of a template revision: The user will be able to describe
a particular revision of a template so that he can identify it later.
this will be implemented as a comment field in the 'wp_templates'
table in the WP db.
The revisions for the template will be shown on the "Manage themes"
page under the heading " Revisions for current theme". The user will
be able to both compare the code of the template files in each
revision as well as preview each revision similar to the way themes
are previewed in "Manage themes" in a modal window. This will allow
the user to easily to switch to a particular revision of her current
Do all these features combine up to make a gsoc project? Any
suggestions/feedback is welcome. I will need a quick response please
as time is running out! Thanks!


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